Halal India Eat Permitted Food, Live Healthy TM

So eat of the lawful and good food which Allah has provided for you. And be grateful for the Graces of Allah, if it is He Whom you worship.(Quran:16:114)


May the peace be with you all...
Dear Brothers & Sisters, Welcome to the environment of Halal India where we constantly thrive to keep up our obsession of believing and living in the concept of Health is Wealth.


We are pleased to introduce ourselves as an Independent Halal Certification body which is recognized by the Government of India. We deal in Permitted (Halal) Food, Cosmetics , Drugs, Research Work, Issuing of Halal Compliance Certification, Independent Auditing, Corporate Training & Awareness Programs, Monitoring Product Compositions services as per the Shariah Law (Islamic Law) comprising of renowned Islamic scholars.

We have incorporated the latest pattern of Certification process with Global standard in Formulating, Designing, Scheduling and implementing the entire system of Halal Certification process. In doing so we have an established and thriving State of the Art Technology Laboratory with full fledged Call Centre facility, SMA services with 24 hours Hotline at your services at all time.

Our Vision:

Halal India was incorporated to provide a global platform from which all the established and Permitted Products. Services being offered from India will reach the Global Fraternity who aspire for permitted products and services. It is our aim to provide a commonplace for manufacturers, suppliers, importers, exporters, traders, wholesalers, retailers and consumers who are interested in Halal products and services. Source of Information on Halal - Not only will our company to be a Central Market for Halal products and services but it will also be a source of information on Halal and its current issues. Moreover we are constantly and astutely taking all the proactive market approach by which we will be able to take the permitted products and services from India to a large and sizeable untapped Global Muslim consumer market as well.

Our Obsession:

We also have our Global franchisee with sizable reach in overseas market from where we are able to Channelize and facilitate the established and permitted (Halal) Consumer Products and services being produced in other countries which will be able to reach the thriving and ever increasing consumer market in India with a healthy purchasing power parity.

Our corporate motto is to propagate and spread the message of "Eat Permitted Food, Live Healthy" TM

Our Network:

Our humble service to diversify into the Global fraternity involves in our continuity of Global business Partnerships efforts started in the Asia Pacific countries in all earnest with already thriving Business Proliferation initiatives in Malaysia to start with by engaging with International Halal Integrating (IHI), to start with the premier Certification body in Malaysia and get their impending Accreditation accordingly and followed with the potential tie up with all the other established Certification bodies in other countries.

By entering into the potential exclusive Partnerships between Halal Certifying bodies globally, we will also be able to inculcate the knowledge of all important public hygiene and general discipline in consumer habits which augurs well for thriving and healthy societies at large in India

Once again, We welcome you to take an enlightening round of the Halal India over the next few pages in our website.

Best Wishes,

Directors & Halal India Management Board

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