Halal India Eat Permitted Food, Live Healthy TM

So eat of the lawful and good food which Allah has provided for you. And be grateful for the Graces of Allah, if it is He Whom you worship.(Quran:16:114)


Halal India is the India's leading and also the first professionally managed Certification agency since 2008. It has its National presence and has highly qualified professionals, food & Biotechnologies, Post graduates and scholars with Shariah expertise who are responsible for day to day affairs of the functioning of various activities such as testing food & food additives, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical plants & Halal related services to Medical Tourism sector & Logistics industries to ensure that measures are strictly followed to be Halal Friendly & Shariah Compliant.

Halal India has excellent track record & experience in dealing with many prestigious clients in the Indian market. Halal India deals with some of Asia’s largest manufacturers in the Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Research & Logistics industries


"To Spur the Indian & international industry and serve permitted (HALAL) foods, drugs and cosmetics products and to provide Halal friendly environment to the global community by facilitating the access to quality halal certified products/environment".

Mission :

  • To educate people around the world to choose and use only Halal-Certified products, through constant promotional tours with the objective of inspiring and encouraging them
  • To become a leading Halal Certification agency not only in India but across the globe thus ensuring stringent ethical Halal Standards in our certification procedure by not compromising on its core values
  • To facilitate the marketing and sourcing of Halal certified products and services for direct manufacturers, buyers, agents, investors and business community in India and around the globe
  • To support international Halal agencies in their efforts to encourage products manufacturers to seek Halal Certification for their products and services
  • To position the Halal market as an economically viable tool and induce product manufacturers to ensure that their products are Halal Certified

Our Main Objective :

To help the manufacturers and service providers in obtaining Quality class Halal certification which to promote their trade and to enhance the community with better choices, improve the quality and hygiene standards of products that is being offered to the consumers.

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